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 How does your pattern connect to another? 

 What pattern emerges? 

 What step do you choose? 

embodied algorithms offers customizable workshops for teams, groups, and individuals.

Through visual pattern-design, decision exercises, and hands-on creative activity, these workshop experiences allow participants to explore how patterns of interaction and communication impact a team’s ability to create, collaborate, and innovate. They're designed for teams or individuals wanting to improve communication and collaboration, and for organizations experiencing rapid growth. The focus is on you and your team's needs.

More information on the WORKSHOPS here. Please reach out for more information and to be in touch with a real human—by voice, text, email, or the handy form, below.

Analog tools and in-person interactions are embodied algorithms' core.
We will be delighted to bring embodied algorithms to you and your team!

Bringing pattern exploration right to you, in Northern California and beyond.

To learn more about how an

embodied algorithms experience can support your organization or team, text or email to schedule a call for a 10-15 minute chat.

I look forward to hearing from you!

— Miriam


+1 510-592-8055

looking forward to hearing from you!

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