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embodied algorithms emerged from visual research, art practice merging with social science and, just possibly, mathematics.


Artist, designer, dreamer, and self-taught systems thinker.


Working in the textile design studio I founded, I became fascinated by how patterns might incorporate variation or behave in relationship to other patterns. The artisan production shop for consumer textiles became a five-year research project relating patterns to human interactions.

Miriam Dym

In collaboration with different assistants, we treated each pattern design as an experiment, using our full embodied selves to experiment with flexible—and lively—algorithms. We observed which visual patterns emerged through varied interactions.

Interaction, iteration, and communication were essential to this process. I began to codify the whole experience. Today, I run this living experiment with groups to help foster self-awareness in relationship to internal and relational rules and patterns, and ultimately improve decision-awareness, creativity, and flexibility. The process's visual "by-products" are simulateously useful references and art objects.

More about me on LinkedIn or Instagram (links below).

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